Small Groups

Weekend services are a great time for us to come together, but there is really not time at weekend services to build relationships and to have Christian friendships. Christianity is not a religion, it's a relationship, and this is true not only for our relationship with God, but also for our relationships with fellow believers. We're a spiritual family, and families need time to relate, learn, laugh, play and support one another. This is what small groups at Victory are all about.

Small groups are very diverse and flexible, so that everyone can find a group that will fit them. Our groups are based on common interest such as bible study, a sport, a hobby, a specific service area like visiting nursing homes, prayer groups, or just whatever a certain leader might have a vision for. In our busy schedules, this allows us to make Christian friendships to grow spiritually, as well as pursue a common interest. Some of our ministries, like our worship team, also serve as small groups due to how often they meet already. Our small groups meet anywhere from weekly to monthly, in homes, at church, in businesses or wherever is convenient. Don't miss out on the joy that comes from developing relationships in God's family.

A list of small groups will be available on February 23.

Small Group Leaders

If you are a member of Victory and would like to start a new small group, complete the interest form below.

Small Groups Leader Interest Form