Global Missions

Jesus gave us the command to “make disciples of all nations” (Mt. 28:19). Victory Throughout the World (VTW) is our global outreach cause to take groups from our congregation to the lost in this world, and we reach out in many other ways also.

We in America have so much more than the rest of the world—even the poorest among us is rich by comparison. Jesus said, “to whom much is given, much is required.” With this in mind, we have a motto: Every member a missionary. Everyone who comes to Victory Church is encouraged to join us and find the joy of serving others on a short-term mission trip, or through one of our other global outreach avenues.

Global Missions Calendar


Mission Trips Notice

Certain immunizations are required by countries that we visit. Check the Mission Trip Immunization document below to see what immunizations are needed for our mission trips. This document might not always be up to date, so cross-check with the mission trip leader on what immunizations are needed.

Mission Trip Immunization (PDF)

Short Term Missions Trip Manual

All people going on any of our short term missions trip, please download this manual and be sure you turn all required forms into us within the time frame for the trip you are signed up for. You are responsible to be aware of the contents of the manual for you to have a great trip!

Short Term Missions Trip Manual (PDF)


Long-Term Missionaries

Victory Church sponsors missionaries in several countries of the world. Victory is their home church, and many of them were raised up into ministry through our church. We encourage you to pray for them and their families, for God to bless them and protect them and that they would have great fruitfulness for Christ in their ministries and mission. We also encourage you to support them as the Lord guides you.

Nancy Henson Rolando & Holly Herrera Jim & Dee Rueve